Praise for Jazz Voices of Poetry
{I just} saw and heard the absolutely lovely rendition of "The Children's Hour."  Thank you so much.  I would have never thought it possible to put that poem to music, but what you did is just gorgeous, and the singer is amazing.  Thank you.  I go on wishing you

Every Blessing,

Li-Young Lee - poet -  author of  "Nativity" and "The Children's Hour"

I am truly delighted with what you've done--with the composition and arrangement, and with Nicolas Bearde's vocals. I have to admit that before I listened, I was worried because of earlier experiences with composers turning my poems into songs, none of which came close to capturing their essences. You sure did, with "The End of Dreams," allowing it to feel inspiring and sad and joyful, getting the variations on the standard metrical movement right--the jazz standard feel was just perfect for the poem (and is what was missed when previous composers set my poems with a stiffer, more Classical approach both to composition and singing).

Floyd Skloot - Poet, essayist, novelist commenting on music to his poem "The End of Dreams"
Norm Rosenblatt put 15 eloquent and moving poems to music, and Clairdee, Shanna Carlson and Nicolas Bearde brought them to life on the Yoshi's SF stage,aided by Ken French and his group. Think Walt Whitman, Elizabeth Barrett Browning, Robert Frost et al. Charming, touching,jazzy and bluesy. Something new and different. [I was] entranced.
Merrilee Trost, Producer, Jazz at Filoli, Woodside, California
Your event at Yoshi’s was superlative. My toe tapped all night . My group was highly impressed, not only with the music for voices, but for each of the instruments. I am so glad you alerted us.
'Lyn Follett, poet
Author of “Compass Points”,“Houses” and “One Bird Falling”
Jean and I much enjoyed the concert at Yoshi's.  The renditions superbly complemented the underlying compositions which themselves displayed an impressive musicality.  We were delighted to meet some new poems and familiar ones happily co-existing in lovely settings.  Congratulations.

Don Lamm  Retired president of W. W. Norton publishing company. 
The performance was absolutely phenominal! I loved every piece - the verse set so beautifully to each composition. A true chef d'ouevre - and the musicians were terrific.
Dennis A. Collins  -  Educator - former board chair Occidental College
  I loved what you and the quartet have done with Buddhist Barbie.  The takes on each of the poems  were truly amazing"

Denise Duhamel  -  poet  - author of Buddhist Barbie