The curse of wonder woman

Poet, novelist, and essayist Marge Piercy has published fifteen books of poetry.  She is also the author of a collection of essays.  
She is an incredibly prolific poet. My first encounter with one of her poems talked about a memory of the beginnings of a long marriage.  Rather than tell of the  first time she kissed her lover - the poem is entitled "The First time I tasted you".  - astonishing !!!!
This poem - The Curse of wonder woman contrasts Wonder Woman's life predicaments with Batman's   --  the Batman theme suggested a musical framework for the melody and rhythm of this song.  

Batman can suffer angst in his batcave pester his butler factotum with doubts, question his adoption of Robin,but Wonder Woman can never waver. 

She must fight, fight, fight without recompense. No three a. m. nitpicking of a festering conscience for her.

Role models can’t stop to consider.
Role models can’t whine or take to their beds with P. M. S
or enjoy a headache with chocolates on the couch.

Women are watching, judging, waiting for the cracks in the makeup to show.

Role models can’t enjoy a fling in Jamaica.  

They don’t get vacations or spas. People need and resent role models with equal fervor.She’d like to retire, but who else can bounce back bullets on a quest for justice? 

She’s stuck in the spotlight impaled by duty. Sometimes she half wishes to fail,and be replaced by some other woman without sense to be afraid.

copyright by Marge Piercy